How to Get humanatic account application process right for quick approval

At last! You are here. You are here to find out how to apply and get account approval on At least you didn't give up even after getting the application to humanatic rejected.

Let's get down to facts quickly here. First, you will have to get serious and do the application just like you would do considering any other professional job position application.

It may look simple, but many realize it is not when their applications get rejected. It is rather late to realize it and they are surprised when they make another application attempt using the same personal info only to be notified by the system that "this PayPal account already exists in our system" and they can't be able to use the same PayPal e-mail or any other linked to PayPal account initially used.

In case you have searched around on the internet, you will realize that a lot of the people are interested in joining humanatic but they had no luck getting application approved; tried with a different PayPal account address. but the same thing occurred. I remember reading somewhere on the social media sites where the interested person was wondering why they keep on advertising but people get rejected when they try to apply. According to him, he had "wasted 3 cards" for  no merits. Remember, each PayPal account has to be verified before being used in the application.

I hope the guy hasn't given up yet, that way he will stumble  upon this post and successfully get his next application attempt successful, only if he will get everything done right.


I have embedded this youtube video in order to drive the point home in the simplest way possible.

You find that, in the application process, they want to verify a 3-4 things before getting anyone approved.

1. They will want to know if the applicant understands and is fluent in English. So, in order to pass this part, you will have to ensure that your application is free from grammatical errors.

2. Humanatic are searching for sharp people with problem-solving skills and able to work with minimal supervision. Don't ask me how to prove this in your application, but just be relevant. Posing as a college student should play the trick here.

3. Humanatic is looking to recruit people who are computer literate. This is why your work history as truck driver didn't convince them. Here, you will have to include a line in your application mentioning experience in continuous use of computers in your daily life; thus fields like freelance work online, software development, online marketer can get you approved. Anyway, don't mention working as a virtual customer care agent. 

Try these tips when applying for humanatic account next time. I wish you success in your next humanatic application attempt.

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