$10M worth Free tips guide to Skyrocketing your commissions as M-Pesa And Airtel Money Agent No Fraud

If you thought this is about hacking, or any illegal method of making easy money on autopilot to defraud Safaricom M-Pesa or Airtel mobile money transfer systems, then you are wrong. Though, the method I am going to share is unique and very easy, it is much within the accepted terms of Kenya’s mobile money transfer networks (unless you overdo it)

Warning! This method is froudfree and will only help you more in case you decide to operate a mobile money transfer business in Kenya with both M-Pesa and AirtelMoney.  In fact, this can be a money doubling boost to the existing M-pesa/airtelMoney businesses in case you are in mobile money transfer agency business and wondering how you can earn more Mpesa/Airtel money agent commissions each month.

Otherwise, you can as well try it at your own risk in the comfort of your home, with little cash investment.

What you will need

1. Two or more Safaricom lines/SIM cards registerered for M-Pesa.
2. Two or more Airtel lines dully registered for Airtel money
3. Fully functional Mpesa agent till line
4. Fully functional Airtel money agent till line.
5 Jazapay
6. Minimum of Ksh.20000 cash

Probably, you already have most of the requirements listed above and all you need now is the METHOD to put them all to work.

Do you now understand why I insisted earlier on better trying this mobile money transfer business trick on an existing business?

Practically, we will be focusing on steps on how you can actually make more M-Pesa/AirtelMoney agent commission money by twisting the working systems of both Airtel money and Safaricom M-Pesa using a very simple trick- which is very much legal and easy to follow. 

To clarify a bit more, we are merely devising a way to deviate from the usual reliance on M-Pesa or Airtel Money customers as agents to earn commission. Instead, you will be in control of everything and earn commissions as your own customer.

Now let’s get down to business;

Assuming you already have everything set in place as listed, we will start by loading the 10k cash as agent float to M-Pesa and Airtel Money tills respectively.

From this point, you will be depositing Ksh.110 cash to each of your 4 registered lines 3 times daily for the rest of the month. That is; morning, noon and the evening. You will be using M-pesa till to deposit to 2 Safaricom SIM cards and the Airtelmoney till to Airtel lines respectively. At this rate, the transactions will not be flagged as split deposits.

Now let’s do a quick math to clarify the facts we are looking to accomplish in this simple Mpesa commission trick.

With your 3 daily transactions of 110 bob to each of 4 registered SIM cards for the rest of the month, this will guarantee you a total of (3 by 4 by 30) =360 transactions.

mpesa commission rates
According to the M-pesa/Airtel money agent commission rates as you can see in the image, any transaction within the bracket of 101 to 500 attracts a commission rate of 6.4 and 7 respectively.

Considering our estimated 360 transaction per month, we find that we will have totals of 180 and 180 transactions for M-Pesa and AirtelMoney respectively.


Estimated M-Pesa commission will be 180*6.4 = Ksh.1152
Estimated AirtelMoney commission will be 180*7 =Ksh.1260

Conclusion, the estimated outcome in the above example will net you an additional monthly agent commission of Ksh.2412.

This means you will also have a boost of Ksh.28944 annually.

Awesome and easy, isn’t it?

Did you know that some of the Mpesa agents and airtelmoney agents never make up to Ksh.5000 each month in their normal mobile money transfer businesses? You can imagine how this gain will impact on your business under such situation.

If you are already the M-pesa/airtelMoney agent, you understand what a big boost it will be for your mobile money transfer business with additional 360 transactions each month, resulting to estimated Ksh.28944 additional annual income in terms of agent commission.

Remember, I have only explained about depositing cash to the 4 SIM cards 3 times daily. You are probably wondering what will happen when you run out of cash float in your tills.

That is likely to happen since I haven’t mentioned anything to do with withdrawing the cash back to the tills. In that regard, you have also started to doubt the method and almost reaching the conclusion that it will be just a shot in the foot.

If you understand very well how mobile money transfer networks in Kenya like M-Pesa and Airtel money operate, you already have an idea that it always costs more money to withdraw while deposits are free.

Let’s take for example in our case. We started with 20k as total float balance in our M-Pesa and AirtelMoney tills.

We expect that after a few days of 110 bob deposits to the 4 phone lines, the float balance will have been exhausted, provided there is no withdrawal transactions made to the tills.

Will withdrawing the cash back to the tills be the only option we have in order to complete the cycle?

We will have to try that as the last option- meaning that there are better methods that will cost us zero charges that we shall be exploring soon.

Let’s do the quick math with reference to the commission expected against the withdrawal charges in case of the 10k bob for each complete cycle.

If we decide to withdraw the Ksh.10000 back to the tills, we will be charged Ksh.112 and Ksh.110 withdrawal fee in case of M-pesa and AirtelMoney respectively. In return, we earn Ksh.28 and Ksh.40 as expected estimated commission with M-Pesa and Airtel money respectively on the same transaction.

So what do we remain with as our gains in any particular cycle to exhaustion of the Ksh.10000?

Let’s find out here quickly,

In 15 days, with a constant of 3 daily deposits of 110 bob to each of the 4 sim lines, the till floats will have been exhausted and that will be considered a full cycle. So, a float recharge will be required every completion of a cycle. Therefore, each month has 2 complete cycles requiring a float recharge each.

We now bring forward the estimated monthly commission income in STEP 1 and subtract the withdrawal charges

Estimated M-Pesa commission will be 180*6.4 =         Ksh.1152
Less: 112*2 =                                                                    Ksh.224             928
Estimated AirtelMoney commission will be 180*7 =   Ksh.1260
Less: 110*2 =                                                                  Ksh.220                                                                                                                                                                                 1040
 Total estimated net monthly commission                                                1968

This outcome means that the withdrawing charges will always eat into our gains and by the end; we will have so little to show for our trick and hard work.

Luckily enough, I discovered a trick around this, which will guarantee you full gains- meaning what? You will be able to pocket the whole Ksh.28944 annually in case you just stick to the working parameters in our example.

With its unlimited earning potential, this simple method can earn you a lot of cash in case you scale up and work within the transaction ranges of Ksh.1000 plus, attracting higher commission rates gains.

Check out STEP 3 for free, to unlock the full potential of this M-Pesa/Airtel Money trick- method.

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