Legit way to Earn $5-$10 daily by Submitting Short Posts to Online Forums

Would you like to earn some quick $5 extra cash online by simply posting online to public forums as you usually do on social media?

In case your answer to the above question is “yes” then sit back and relax as I share with you my two most recommendable online forums that are interesting to join and start earning cash from day one.

This is just like getting paid for doing the stuff you usually do on social media networks like face book, Twitter, instagram etc for free.

Sounds great, right?

Imagine someone paying you up to $5-$10 daily for all the time you spend online on social media sites without investing anything.

This is the best way the beginners working online can easily make some cash completing easy tasks without investment nor the risk of getting scammed.

In order to supplement my daily budget, I usually work online on multiple online money making platforms besides my #1 RECOMMENDATION major source of income that brings in passive income.

There are numerous forums online that pay to post or rather claim to pay, but not all of them actually stick to their promises. Some turn out to be scams and ban members when they request their hard-earned money payment without valid reasons. Meaning what? Wasted time and efforts for nothing. This is not the case on these forums, unless someone actually violated the terms and rules, especially by copy-pasting stuff from other websites- the offense which is intolerable everywhere.

Here is a quick list of the forums I have tried and would recommend without a second thought.

  1. Beer money forum; abbreviated as BMF
  2. Forum coin; abbreviated as FC

I have listed the sites above according to their earning potential and I will be comparing and contrasting them in order to give a clear picture how to get the most out of these forums.

The most interesting common feature about the Beermoneyforum and  forumcoin is that besides the incentive to earn some extra bucks by creating new unique threads and replying to already created threads, you will also get exposure to very valuable information about different ways of making more money online by other forum members sharing from personal experience point of view since they already worked for them.

Both sites have different rules and policies to be observed while working on them as members.

Both BMF and FC forums have their own different kinds of currency coins valued @ $1 per 1000 and $1 per 100 coins/points respectively.

Their currencies are BMFs and FCs respectively and they can be redeemed for PayPal cash or can be used on either of the forums to transact on their marketplaces.

The screenshot below details everything about posting and limits on BMF forum and will give you a hint of what to expect over there.
bmf forum payment proofs

As indicated in the image above; in order to redeem the earned coins, one has to reach the minimum of 5000 coins to request a payout equal to $5 dollars, where the payment will be sent on 25th through PayPal.

There are certain posting limits to adhere to in both forums. On Forumcoin, the members can only earn FCs on their 10 first posts in 24 hours.

As for the case of BeerMoneyForum.com, the users are able to earn redeemable BMF coins on 5 posts within the same hour. So, after reaching the hourly post limit, one has to wait and post in the next hour. Otherwise, there is no limit about how many posts one can post in a day like in the case of forumcoin.

The post limitation in both cases doesn’t mean that one can’t be able to post upon reaching the maximum posting limit. One can still post as many times as he wishes, but the posts won’t earn any coins. This usually enhances engagement on the posts interactions among the members interested in finding out more info regarding a certain interesting thread.

I recommend that you join both forums here in order to take advantage of the important info in topics discussed on both BMF and FC besides earn some cash for a bottle of beer. Indeed that is the only possible way you will collect more coins.

The topics discussed on these forums will be the eye-opener to even better earning online sources by just following the step-by-step guides shared by the success members in those areas.

The presence of the referral system offers an additional way to earn more when the members refer other members through the available referral link. 

There is a $1 dollar sign up bonus in case you SIGN UP HERE for BMF and HERE for FC as my referral, otherwise you will miss that bonus by signing up on your own, directly.

By signing up here, you will only have to work on earning the r

As you can see, the amount of money that you can be able earn posting on these forums is only able to buy you a bottle of beer.

So, in case you are looking for ways to earn big online, I recommend checking out my #1 RECOMMENDATION besides the learning HERE THE SECRET MARKETING METHODS that makes it possible to achieve my dream of earning around $20 daily as passive income.

To clarify something, it will likely look impossible to earn anything from my #1 RECOMMENDATION without implementing the tricks and hacks only accessible through the link above.

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