20 Plus AdSense Alternatives Every Blogger Should Consider To Maximize Blogging Revenue Income

When I set up a custom domain to my blogger blog, I had no slightest idea that google would stop displaying adsense ads on my blog. In fact, I found it to be one of those big mistakes the beginner bloggers make when starting off as newbie online income earners.

I discovered that when I searched the net and realized that I was not the only one who had jumped the gun by installing the custom domain on my blogger blog without considering the adsence requirements relating to blogger custom domain blog hosting terms.

The only option I had in order to get back active adsense account and to get them display ads on my blog was to wait for more 6 months besides ensuring  that my blog meets the adsense requirements before reapplying for adsense for content account for review.

Since there was no second chance to put everything in order before moving ahead with my blogging career to the next level, as I waited, I had also to look for the best adsense alternative monetization ads networks methods in order to continue making money off my blog as bills must be paid. Sometimes you have to learn by experience, and experience is the best teacher. Not my words.

It also gave me a chance to learn that getting approval for adsense for content is not a permanent achievement to be boast about, but just a chance to gauge you and the retention of the adsense account hangs on the balsnce of the bloggers ability to implement the adsense terms to the latter. Any slight mistake can get the adsense account banned or the ban can result from some outside forces one has no control over.

So, even if you have a working AdSense account bringing you enough online income (no doubt, adsense remains the best ads network), it is important that you stay ready with adsense alternatives to fall back to just in case…..God forbid, the unexpected occurs. You wake up one morning to check your e-mail account and you are greeted by a a surprising e-mail from google adsense with the following headline;

“…….your Google AdSense account has been temporarily banned…” 

It will be like “Oh my Gosh! This isn’t happening! What the fu**…. “ but the reality remains that you have to face it like a man.

You can imagine how to start your day with such a bitter e-mail. But life has to go on. Bills have to be paid. With a reliable list of the best Adsense alternatives reserved somewhere, it won’t be such a heart breaking experience.

Well, here are some of the best Google Adsense alternatives I have tried and recommend to both those looking to boost their blogging ads revenue as well as those looking to monetize their blogs without Adsense;

1. Media.net
Popularly considered as the immediate alternative to Adsense in terms of reliability and reputation. The drawback with Media.net is its minimum payout. Its minimum payout is $100 and only pays through Payoneer. Though the approval for the Media.net only takes 2 days, it is not automatic and rejection is also likely if your website doesn't meet their approval standards. Media.net is supported by Yahoo and Bing networks.

2. MediaVine
Besides the common approval standards that have to be met while applying for Google AdSense for Content, the applicant must also ensure that the site to be submitted for approval should be attracting a monthly traffic level of not less than 25000 pageviews. Again not to waste time applying for Mediavine account to monetize a new blog with low traffic.

3. AdThrive
AdThrive is majorly considered a blogger focused ads network and was founded by the bloggers who felt that Adsense was not the right option for bloggers.
According to most of the AdThrive reviews out there, most of the bloggers have opted for AdThrive rather than AdSense due to higher revenue generated. In order to be approved for AdThrive account, a website submitted must be attracting a minimum of 100000 pageviews each month.

4. Ezoic
Ezoic ads network prefers that your site has to be attracting a minimum of 10000 pageviews per month in order to qualify for approval. This means that, ezoic cannot  be counted as the adsense alternative to run for with a budding blog attracting low traffic. Ezoic also pays via PayPal.

5. Infolinks
With InfoLinks, the publishers whether small or big can get approval to access their service. The InfoLink ads system act in the sense that, the text in the blog posts is converted into hyperlinks and earns money in case the users click on the highlighted infolinks. InfoLinks works well either for those with text-heavy sites especially blogs with long posts. It earns as long as the users click on the hyper links.

6. Revenue hits
RevenueHits will be the best alternative to earn some cash in case you are well versed with the CPA skills. The network doesn't pay for either CPM or clicks, instead they pay a relatively high rates in case the users end up signing up for the offers though the ads.

7. VigLinks- 
The network converts the usual outgoing links into affiliate links and you stand a chance to earn a referral commission in case a user makes a purchase through the VigLink. The only difference of Viglinks to the ordinary affiliate marketing is that there is no need to manually place the leading affiliate referral links to generate sales. They pay through PayPal. You can Sign up for VigLinks account here.

8. Skimlinks
SkimLinks works in the similar way to VigLinks but one can have both of them on the same site to boost the ads revenue.

9. PropellerAds
Instead of waiting for approval before getting your site to display ads, you can sign up now and automatically get approved upon confirming the e-mail. This is one of the most popularly used ads network supporting almost every type of content. They support gaming, adult content sites, video sites etc. In fact they pay for every impression including the 404 error page, and no minimum requirement in terms of the level of traffic.

10. PopAds- Just like the name implies, this ads network specializes in the pop under ads which normally subject the website to poor user experience, but still is the alternative way to make the most out of every activity of the user. Not just clicks.

11. Chitika
If you happen to have a blog with low traffic and wondering what to do with it, Chitika will be the best alternative for you as the blog grows to gain more traffic. Chitika can also be a good complement to AdSense for those bloggers who feel that Adsense is leaving the money on the table since adsense only pays per click on the ads while Chitika pays for clicks and impressions. What a good combination!
Initially, Chitika used to pay at a minimum payout of $10 but later increased the minimum payout to $50 through PayPal and Payoneer. 

12. Adf.ly
Adf.ly works in a different way as compared to other ads networks alternatives discussed here. In fact there is no minimum requirement for approval as long as you can be able to share adf.ly links in your text anywhere including the social media sites and get clicks. All you have to do is shrink the links using Adf.ly and add them to the site as you normally do with the outgoing links or links within the site. They pay a minimum payout of $5 through PayPal. You can check it HERE.

13. Yllix
Yllix is a network with decent CPM besides other numerous monetization methods to choose from and experiment for the most suitable tor your website. They offer mobile redirects, pop-under ads, sliders, layer ads as wells full page ads enabling the site owner to reap more through CTRs. If you are a starter with low traffic, I recommend Yllix for you. 

14. Amazon Display ads
If you think Amazon is only concerned with affiliate sales then you are wrong. Through Amazon Display Ads service CPC policy, the network pays the publishers for every ad click. The drawback is that the minimum payout is $100 via Payoneer.

15. ShareASale
With ShareASale advertisement, the ads placed on the site only generate revenue in case the user through the site link purchases a product from any of their merchant. As the name ShareASale suggests, the owner of the website earns a percentage of the sale. The downside to ShareASale is that they only support payments by check and payoneer at a minimum payout of $50. No PayPal payment option available.

16. Adsterra- Just like PropellarAds, this networks offers banner and Pop-under ads and has a unique payment method in a way that it differs with all the other ads networks. They pay though Bitcoins, besides Paypal and payza at the minimum payout of $100.

17. RevContent- this service is a Native Ads network with high quality and the approval process is not that hard. Their ads blend well with the content on the blog and gives good user experience.
They pay for CPC at a rate of up to 1-10 cents per click depending on the geographical location of the users. 

18. BuySellAds
With BuySellAds, the applicant will only be approved in case the blog submitted for review meets the threshold of a minimum traffic of 100000 pageviews per month. Another no go zone for the budding bloggers with minimal traffic on their blogs. 
Another downside to BuySellAds is that they only approve websites in English language and no free blogging platforms like blogspot or wordpress allowed. They pay at a minimum payout of $20 via PayPal or check.

19. BidVertiser
BidVertiser- Just as the name implies, the rate at which the publisher can earn from this BidVertiser ads network is variable in the sense that it depends on the highest bids the advertisers willing to advertise on the blog reach. This means in case not many advertisers place bids on your website, then any low rate bidder takes it.

20. Kontera
Kontera is another CPC ads network with no minimum traffic requirement to get approval. Kontera pays through PayPal and wire transfer methods at a minimum payout of $50.

21. Adbuff
This ads network usually pay for CPC as well as CPM. This means that, unlike the case of Google adsense where they pay for clicks only, Adbuff pays for every impression by your site users. Adbuff pays via Paypal at a minimum of $100.

I hope this list gives you a wide range of opportunities to choose from and try out and come out the Adsense alternatives meets your demands.

You can also take a look at:
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In case you have tried out a different alternative not listed here but you feel it had to, feel free to share your experience with us.