How To Withdraw PayPal Money Through Safaricom M-Pesa Mobile Account Without Any Charges In Kenya

Did you know you can withdraw online cash in PayPal account through Safaricom M-Pesa mobile transfer service in Kenya without paying anything?

Until recently, Equity bank account was the only way though which the Kenyans making money online or carrying out business online or shopping online would access PayPal services and be able to transact worldwide through the internet web. Equity bank account was also the only way Kenyans would verify their PayPal accounts in order to lift the PayPal withdrawal limit.

Initially, it would take a long wait of up to 8 business days of waiting for the transactions to complete when one transferred cash from PayPal to his local Equity bank account in Kenya.

The waiting period was later cut to 3 business days when the Equity bank reviewed their partnership contract and it was another major breakthrough which attracted a big celebration by the Kenyans working online and getting paid income through PayPal. To date, that is the waiting period for the Equity customers transacting with PayPal.

Not long ago, Safaricom through MPesa mobile transfer service introduced Mpesa-PayPal money transfer service which came along with some benefits that were not available with paypal-equity money transfer service but at a high commission percentage rate per transaction. In fact it is double the commission charges offered by Equity. While Equity charges 1.5% commission on total amount transferred, Safaricom came with 3% commission charges.

The benefits that came with Safaricom Mpesa paypal money transfer as compared to the equity PayPal transfer service include ;

1. The transactions are faster and the customers are able to access their online money in paypal account through their mpesa accounts on mobile phones within 2 hours of initiating the transaction, as long as they have initially linked their mobile phone number with the e-mail address associated with their paypal account.

2. The amount indicated in the transaction online is the exact amount that is received in the M-Pesa mobile account. No hidden charges at all.

After the Safaricom lauched the PayPal Mpesa money transfer service, I was excited to check how convenient it was as compared to the similar service we were used to by Equity bank. The first thing to check was the charges associated to each transfer transaction and I was disappointed finding out  that they charged double the transaction commission offered by Equity bank PayPal money  transfer service.

I had made up my mind to stay with Equity bank service since the waiting period of 3 days was not an issue and I was used to accessing my cash either by using the Equity bank VISA ATM card or the Equity agent outlets. The issue was to be charged double the amount of commission I was used to, just like that. I was for the idea that I would only opt for the Safaricom Mpesa –PayPal transfer option when I urgently needed access to the money in my PayPal account.

The fact that I am the M-Pesa agent who is also selling Kenya Power tokens through JazaPay changed everything and I now discovered how one can withdraw PayPal money through M-Pesa in Kenya without being charged.

This is after comparing the charges I faced from the point of withdrawal from PayPal through Equity Kenya bank account until it finally landed as hard cash in my pocket.

Instead of my online cash going though the usual channels, I decided that I would be withdrawing the online cash in my PayPal account through M-Pesa. Upon reaching my mobile M-Pesa account, I can either buy the JazaPay KPLC token float and sell tokens direct to my customers, thus converting it into hard cash while at the same time making some profit on KPLC token sales.

I can also use the same amount of cash received as M-Pesa agent float balance and conveniently make direct transfers on behalf of M-Pesa customers who happen to lack phones or don’t know how to use M-Pesa to send money to their relatives far away, as long as they pay the transfer charges. No need to deposit cash to my personal phone number to send out.

I am now saving more than I ever imagined and I feel good that Safaricom Mpesa PayPal money transfer service is working in my favour as M-Pesa and Jazapay agent as well as a work from home online freelancer in Kenya.

You wonder what I do to earn consistent income online from home through the internet in Kenya? 

How Corrupt Kenya Power Scammers blackmail Kenyans by Free Illegal Power Connections

While many Kenyans are more than frustrated by the way the Kenya Power tokens system actually works in billing the prepaid electricity meter users, there are many rogue and fraudulent Kenya power employees on the prowl who are taking the advantage of their offices and fleecing the Kenyans who like backdoor privileges.

When the Kenya power announced the discontinuation of the monthly fixed cost charge, many electricity subscribers celebrated- unknowingly that it was just the government ploy to shift the burden from the right-hand-side to the left and to try end the power billing scandal. In other words, only the name MONTHLY FIXED COST was removed, but not the numbers.

The reality is, if you happen to have bought the electricity token recently, you must have felt the pinch that left you wondering “how again has it resulted to very few power KWH units without the fixed charge?”

For example; the last time I bought the electricity power token was on 25/09/2018. I was given 22 Kwh units for Ksh.500- the same amount on cash that would get me over 40 Kwh units before when I bought the token within the same month I already got charged the monthly fixed cost of 150. Even the Kenya power online customer care reps failed to convince how they actually calculate the token units.

For those who thought that the removal of the monthly fixed cost on electricity would reduce the cost of monthly electric bills by Ksh. 150- the amount that would be compounded to a good annual savings of up to KSH.1800. But is this the reality on the ground? No.

As it stands now, it seems like the small scale electricity users in Kenya are the most adversely affected with the new token billing system as if it is the secret the Jubilee government of using to ride on the shoulders of the mama mbogas to enhance the industrial development and their BIG 4 AGENDA- where the large scale electricity users especially the industries are boosted by paying less per KWH unit of electric power.

Someone suggested that one has to understand the best time to buy KPLC tokens on mobile or online. How that works, I have no idea. It is alleged that KPLC tokens prices fluctuate from time to time. 

KPLC, just like the mobile operator companies in Kenya, takes the advantage of the peoples' illiteracy knowing that the users who don't even know how to load KPLC tokens will not search for Kenya Power contacts to ask questions. All they would need is KPLC token pay bill number.

Far from that, there are illegal direct power connections initially engineered by the rogue Kenya power technicians at a cost (supposedly a one-time payment) that would guarantee the user access to free power for a lifetime. It is alleged that the Kenya power technicians are the one who initiates such deals, promising to cover the culprit and give assurance that nothing would go wrong.

There are a few friends I know who have fell for this kind of fraud. They always said that the deal was so good and it would be kept as a secret no one would care much about.

In one such case, the things blew when the contact technician who initiated the direct illegal power connection was transferred to another location of duty.

Whether the corrupt deal was revealed by the contact rogue technician to the one in charge of the location or not, it down on the attention of my friend that the illegal power connection wasn’t a secret anymore, and the Kenya Power technician in charge of the area was demanding a hefty pay to suppress the matter or else report to the relevant authorities where it would attract the penalty/fine of over KSH.1 million cash besides the permanent power disconnection.

It is funny to note that; my friend who is just a threatened caretaker was forced to part with KSH.10000 where a certain share of which was to be paid to the initial Kenya power contact who assured him nothing would go wrong with the direct power connection deal. Who is laughing now?

My friend’s plea to get the direct power connection cut because things are no longer the way it was supposed to be hasn’t got any attention. In fact, they have threatened to blow things up in case he gets the illegal power connection disconnected, and claim to have already gathered enough evidence to get him behind bars for vandalism and tempering with the Kenya power company property.

So, the reality with those Kenya power guys is that; they convince you to accept their corrupt deal of getting access to a life time free electric power at a little fee. When they get you on their hook, you become their gold mine and you will have to dance to their tune since they actually know there is nothing you can do to get off the hook that easily.

Remember, they will expose you to miserable life counting on the fact that you won’t stand a chance against them in any court of law in case they report the matter for failure to comply.

The corrupt illegal connection deal is initiated by the Kenya Power technicians. At least you will have that, but how will the culprit prove that before the court of law during the judgment. As it stands now, the freedom of my friends hangs on the balance of complying with the Kenya power blackmailers and an inevitable imprisonment in case they decide to report the issue.

As the government of Kenya claims to be on the right track towards combating corruption in the nation, is it aware of such sophisticated corrupt deals happening every other day?

Get Paid To Test Websites' usability- The Honest Usercrowd-For-Testers Personal Approach Review

You probably landed on this page while searching info online with view to find out whether is a scam or not. Right?

Another possible reason that might have led you to this usercrowd review post is likely the search for some reliable alternative ways to earn some extra income online besides usercrowd for testers.

Whatever reason, I am sure you will get all your questions answered to satisfaction. Stay around. Learn from the person sharing personal experience as a veteran usabilityhub  website tester.

I decided to write this Usercrowd for testers honest review based on my personal experience so that other users, who are my readers can join with an upper hand about what to expect to gain in there.

What is Usercrowd for testers?

Formerly, recently rebranded to; is a website and app that brings the web designers and testers together with mutual benefits. While it offers the testers the opportunity to earn by participating in user-testing the tests as they become available and give reliable feedback, it is based on the feedback given, upon which the designers are able to understand if their products under review meet the standard they are  looking to accomplish and would know which areas to improve if any.

How Usercrowd works

Working as a design tester on Usercrowd, one will participate in the tests on the basis of their being available online when the tests become available accessed on the dashboard. This means that in case you have limited time on the internet, you will miss the tests most of the time and result in earning little online.

The tests are usually in form of quick design surveys that allow about 2-5 minutes testers to give feedback and submit. In case you are too slow, you will receive
 invalid submission notification upon submitting the test-which means lost earnings.

How much can one earn as a usertester on Usercrowd?

Are you signing up as a usercrowd tester expecting to make a lot of money?

If your answer is yes, then you are in for a big disappointment when you realize that you can't actually make more money working as a design tester online.

The users are credited 10 cents ($0.1 USD) for every successful test submitted. That was then, now they claim to have introduced longer tests that will earn higher credits depending on the length of time allowed.

How does Usercrowd pay the testers?

Usercrowd make payout to the design testers through PayPal as the only payment processor available. The payments are requested when one earns a minimum of $10 USD- formerly it was $20 USD. 

The payments are received 2 weeks later. This means that one has to sign up with the e-mail address associated with a verified PayPal account.

Who is eligible to join Usercrowd?

Anybody wishing to earn extra shilling online can participate as a designer tester, and is open to users from any country across the world. All are welcome to sign up and start participating in available tests right away and earn. No special approval needed. One can sign up using the Face Book too.


  1. It doesn’t require any form of formal qualification to get started and get paid participating in available designer tests using usercrowd
  2. Low payout minimum limit payout which is achievable in short term (according to my experience)
  3. You will work at your own pace and earn according to your activity online
  4. No risks involved since there is no cash investment required to participate
  5. No hidden terms and conditions


  1. It won’t earn you that much in case you are looking to get rich quick
  2. The tests are sometimes not available
  3. You have to stay available online most of the time in order to get notified when the tests become available
  4. There is no learning curve since the earning rate is determined by the availability of test surveys.

Is a scam or not?

Back to where we started from. As to whether Usercrowd is a scam or not, I can evidently say it is not a scam site and I can recommend anyone searching for ways to earn extra shilling online to sign up here and begin participating. I have been a member for several years as a tester and got paid severally without issues. I have a proof of payment attached below.

It has been in existence for long and I have every reason to believe it will remain a legit site for many years to come. As much as I know, no scam site can continue using the services of PayPal for such long period of time without getting their accounts suspended.

If you take time to check a handful of the honest usabilityhub reviews online you will likely find that the complaints are about low credits and delayed payout.

Is there any alternative to that will enable the users earn much faster online?

Yes, if you are the ACTION TAKER looking for serious ways to earn more fast cash online without investing any money, I can assure you there are many ways you can do that, but instead of listing all of them here, I find it more helpful introducing you to only training course program that you will need to unlock the doors to proven earning ways online if you will put in some efforts and dedication, learn at your own pace as you build your online business from scratch, and there is no risk. 

My personal experience with Affiliate marketing versus GNLD multilevel marketing MLM and pyramid schemes In Kenya

Affiliate marketing, multilevel marketing- popularly known as network marketing (MLM) and pyramid schemes are some of the business models online terms that many internet users who are new to internet marketing confuse a lot and some have suffered financial losses as victims to the scams online as a result.

Many who have tried to invest online have ended up in wrong online investment programs and lost their investments when the initially legit-looking investment programs turned scam or wouldn’t make them any income as promised. Unfortunately, out of the initial bad personal experiences, it has become hard for them to understand or be persuaded to understand that there are numerous genuine programs out there that actually work and many have succeeded earning online through them.

Let’s start off by finding out the main differences between the 3 aforementioned popular marketing business models; affiliate marketing, network marketing and pyramid schemes.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the online business marketing model whereby the marketer (mostly the publisher or product reviewer) refers a customer through a referral link placed on own blog/website or social media forum to a particular online product store and earns affiliate commission when the customer purchases something. 

Affiliate commission is usually calculated based on the predetermined percentage of the total cost of a sale.

The marketer (affiliate marketer) has no direct involvement in the transaction besides pointing/linking the customer to the store to buy the item he is searching for online under review. No hassle about how the product will be shipped or any liabilities associated to the transfer of the product ownership to the end user. It is in fact a risk-free business online anyone can enjoy doing.

It is up to the affiliate marketer himself to choose which products to promote, depending on the blogging niche of his site/blog and the tests of the audience attracted to the blog content besides the ways of promotion he adopts.

There are numerous legit affiliate programs that will earn you more if you know how to do it right but can also those which can grant you access to the required affiliate training courses for free and resources required on how to successfully convert your blog audience to customers of the products reviewed.

The affiliate marketing skill is a plus to website/blog owners with reliable traffic and wish to boost their online income by finding an alternative way to monetize through besides the ads display income like AdSense.

As a person who is sharing my online income earning experiences, I have no doubt that you will find it helpful if I recommend MY #1best affiliate program that has helped me from a beginner to advanced internet income earning blogger.

Multi-level-marketing MLM/network marketing

With multilevel marketing business model, a member has to directly purchase particular products recommended by the program (in most cases, the products are the program’s own brands) at a better price and sell the products at a profit. This means that one has to start off with own initial capital besides the program membership fee.

In fact, that is how it was with my experience with GNLD Kenya business network.

In order to earn more from the MLM program, a member has to recruit other members who will be ranked at a lower level, where one automatically becomes the sponsor to the referral.

When the direct referral recruits other members under him, one will automatically become the director of the new member two levels down.

The same happens when the member two levels down recruits other members to the program and becomes their sponsor. Depending on the terms and conditions and policies of the MLM program, the downline can go as far as 12 levels. Each level with a predetermined percentage of commission on the total cost of the purchases made.

This means that the larger the active down line, the more the income, hence the term ‘multi-level-marketing.’

It might sound so easy in theory but practically, it is not. In my case with the GNLD, it was the beginning of a new life since I am kind of introvert- and it was like teaching the water buffalo how to live in a desert.

One problem with MLM is that you will be trying to sell to people the products they neither need nor know  anything about- where it is so hard to convince the customer, unlike in affiliate marketing where the interested customer will be easily be directed on where to find the right product and buy it.

In fact, with MLM you will have to start from introducing the new product to the potential customer, teach him how he will benefit from it to the point that he finds it the only product that will solve his problem before parting with his cash. Unless you have mastered the art of walking the customer through all the stages to completing a sale, you won't make it.

I realized that MLM would reduce me into a street hawker- locomoting from one place to another with discouraging results. 

While carrying certain health supplements, a customer would request a different problem-solving health supplement that you might not have, and there is no chance for tomorrow.

I remember one day when I was trying to sell a weight losing supplement to a slim lady, who wondered whether I could find her the weight gaining supplements instead to assist her rescue her marriage. It was a challenge since GNLD didn’t have such stuff.

To make good money with any MLM program, there are two things required that must be mastered;

  • Try to recruit as many referrals as possible and also train them to recruit others under them
  • Major in getting the recruits to purchase more, since it is from the money realized in the purchases that the commissions will be calculated.

To accomplish the above, one has to be a seasoned marketer besides having the salesperson skills, which is a challenge to many introverts who wish to make extra money.

Just like it is with different internnet business programs that require initial investment, there exist legit and scam MLMs but GNLD is considered a legit network marketing company mostly dealing in health and cosmetic supplements.

Pyramid Schemes:

With pyramid schemes, there is no much to explain here since as many people already know, these are just technical scams usually created either online or offline with the aim to to lure people into investing in into unknown company, promising to earn the investing members very high returns on investments within a very short period of time. The one I was a victim to promised to double the investment in a month.

After one month, the members are free to claim their total investment together with the earned interest associated.

It is also required to introduce as many new members as possible to invest more in order to access higher interest rates brackets on the initial investments.

Usually there is no problem receiving the first payments as it was formerly promised (especially for the new members). In my case, I remember getting paid double the amount I had invested, where I decided to take only the initial invested capital and reinvested the gains. Things were looking good.

Driven by greed to gain more returns on investment and the trust to the scheme, many would only check the total ROI and instead of withdrawing, they will add more money lured to invest more. I remember one member who decided to invest the whole of his terminal retirement payment to the scheme- expecting to reap a double.

Another victim had to shut a retail shop business to invest in a hassle-free scheme where he would reap a double at the end of the month, as opposed to the tiresome endless wars with the ever-borrowing customers who hardly pay in time.

It was painful and regretful when the "investment company" as many had known it shut the doors to its offices without notice not trace to its founders. 

What was the the remaining option to my friend and the old fellow who had invested everything in the scheme? The bad ending. They both committed suicide separately. They couldn't bear the pain of losing their hard-earned cash.

In some cases, it can be the investment in purchase of certain company shares at a promised high returns on investments, but only for the purporting company to shut down the business before the maturity of the given investment period, along with the shareholders’ investments.

The main reason for publishing this post with my personal experience life taste was to enlighten my readers and remove the doubt in many who tried and had bad experiences with either MLM marketing or pyramid schemes and resorted to the final resolution that all internet marketing programs are scams are not alone. I also learnt the hard way too but am now happy that such things have to happen to open our eyes.

Now that you know what an affiliate program is and its benefits, feel free to join me here and you will have access to all the training, support and tools required to propel you as you learn your way to becoming a super affiliate and turn your passion into income generating online business venture.

'How I earned $10640 Five Figure Online Income in August 2018 with The Best affiliate marketing Program Alongside Blogging

I know many of you here are just shaking your heads full of doubts that this is impossible to achieve with affiliate marketing or rather shouting that HERE COMES ANOTHER SCAM! I may agree with you because I was once a doubting Thomas like you right now, after many attempts with affiliate marketing that didn’t bear any fruits. Instead I fell victim to internet scams which promised to make me rich overnight and quit my job.

Now it is a totally different story to tell and I am full of energy since I came across a secret of making it to the top and learned the ropes with the right tutors online who do it from life practical experiences and all the pieces regarding success in affiliate marketing fitted well and I can confidently stand at the top of the 50 storey building and fearlessly shout!









To prove myself right before the doubting population I have been part of before, I won’t go into the details right now but here are the screenshots and break down on how the $10640 August online income was actually made and payments received. If pictures are worthy a 1000 words, then the few I have below are worthy several 1000s of words. Tap on the image for a clearer resolution.

To get to this level of affiliate marketing and master everything required in the craft, there is no short cut at all and someone must be trained how to turn his/her passion into income generating activity through the internet. 

The best thing with affiliate marketing is; anyone willing can be taught or trained from a beginner affiliate marketer all the way to a professional affiliate marketer who can even earn more by simply training others how to create online businesses, how to create or build online business by blogging etc.

Call it killing many birds by one stone.

So where can someone access all these under one roof for free and learn from scratch?

Here is where you shouldn't worry at all because you just landed the right place and now let me handle it from here. I will have to introduce you to only one affiliate program with proven competency that I have no fear recommending to anyone because I am part of, that you will need to get things up to speed towards achieving your online business success dream goals within no time.

As a starter member to this program, you will not be charged anything but you will have access to beginners top notch affiliate training course, a free website to get started and all the materials including the keyword search tool – the most important tool you will always need in the course of building your business online from scratch with or without financial investment.

You will learn at your own pace and work from the comfort of your home/office if you have one. Assuming you own a PC with reliable internet connection.


Let’s meet inside if you wish to earn to earn more money online passively for life and become a SUPER AFFILIATE.

Honestly, the screenshots shared above are from a success story post by one of the successful members of WA affiliate program- the same program I am recommending here. I decided to use them as an exhibit to inspire you as I was when I read the post realized the full potential of wealthy affiliate program and so you can join with a role model to emulate afterwards. You can access the original post here to get the full inspiring success story after joining the program. 

Anyway, don't get me wrong here. I have also been able to earn through the wealthy affiliate program, not that much as you can check here but still inspired to get there soon. Join me on the journey to successful online business.

If you find this post inspiring, feel free to chime in at the comments section besides sharing it with your friends on social media.

Guide about How to set up Blogger custom Domain To Blogspot Hosted Blog and the associated Pros And Cons

There are numerous guides and tutorials out there on the internet including youtube videos; that will easily walk you through the process of how to upgrade from the free domain blogspot blog site and setting up a bought own custom domain name to a blogger  hosted blogspot site, but they never bother to warn you of the possible associated common problems you will likely encounter after upgrading.

So, before we get into the process  of setting up a custom domain name to blogger hosted blog- which is the main reason behind creating this blog post, let's get the facts right first so that you make a decisive move ahead and save time and efforts.

I understand many bloggers on the internet are into affiliate marketing, thus they have to try and get you to purchase some product they are promoting. That is not an issue, the issue is affiliate marketers have to be honest and transparent with the potential customers in try to highlight the pros and cons of the product under promotion. 

This is not the case with the tutorials, guides I came across about how to set up a custom domain blog with blogger. Instead they will exaggerate about the unlimited opportunities and benefits of owning a domain with a .COM, .NET, .ORG TLDs but still enjoy the free blogger hosting.
They will try to convince you about the head side of the coin like increased earning opportunities you are missing for not having a DOTCOM custom domain on your blog and the limitations accompanied.

Some of the reasons to upgrade to a new custom domain you won’t miss in those tutorials are that:

  • Your website will receive more traffic (this one is a myth, it depends on the blog content appeal to the audience)
  • Your blog name will be easily remembered by your audience and you will have them coming back for more (I can agree with this one)
  • Your custom domain name is more appealing to the audience and it usually wins their trust which will likely convert to more subscriptions to your blog and even more sales in case one has monetized the blog with affiliate marketing promotions.
  • More traffic means earning more through AdSense and other most recommended popular ads serving networks. WHICH IS A TYPICAL LIE (and you will find out here why)
  • A nice domain name will make your blog stand out from the crowd

Pap! They will have got you in their sales funnel. And that is there affiliate sales technique. No hard feelings.

As excited as never before in your blogging experience, you take the bait on the hook along with the sinker; you go ahead and purchase the domain name with the domain name provider recommended in the guides through the link provided because the set up process is usually likely to be different with different domain name providers. 

You get back to the guide and smoothly sail through the easy-to-follow process of adding and setting up your new custom domain blog-replacing the blogspot hosted one. In fact, it takes just about an hour or so to set up a new custom domain name on your blogspot blog in case you don’t get lost along the way- which means that you will have to start afresh.

In a short while, you will be looking at your blog with a URL without the ever annoying blogspot domain extension. And it will feel good.

A sigh of relief!

You head over to Theme Forest and purchase a responsive blogger template (which comes with many advantages), besides giving your blog a professional look, it also enhances the mobile friendliness of the blog, thus improving blog user experience.

While you thought that the trouble would be over, and your dream to building successful online business is coming true, you will have just opened a new chapter of the reality of the stressful journey ahead to your successful blogging experience.  This is if you are not the website developer techie type of blogger.

Overwhelmed by the expectations, you start checking to see that everything is in the right place. You go try to google the name of your new website to see if it shows up in the SERP results, but to your dismay it never shows up.

You try the URL of your new blog expecting that it will show up with the content in your site, but instead it turns up as a new domain name, indicating the name of your DNS provider, and the date of purchase besides other unimportant details.

In case you click on the link of the URL showing up in the SERP results, instead of opening up to your blog home page, it will be redirected to the DNS provider ads display page (that is how mine behaved with Name Cheap), very annoying.

It will take you a few moments of trying this and that, including the attempts to search your blog by keying in the key word phrases that usually showed the site on the first page of the SERP, before realizing that your blog has been deindexed and no search engine is aware of its assistance.
Good realization. Thumbs up!

Maybe you will be at a better position if you know about the likes of GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE. I was not. And that is why I had to browse the internet like crazy, looking for the solutions to the problem after another- blogger blog with custom domain name not showing up in search engine results…

Changing search phrases every other attempt to check if someone else had a similar problem. And it was like…. How to get a new blogger custom domain site indexed ….etc

That was when I came to know about the technical programming terms like robot.txt, site maps, googlebot, search engine crawlers, etc. all by fumbling around with any help info that I came across. 

At last! The nuts and bolts fitted well and at the end, my blog was up again in SERPs on the front page by the search phrases I was used to.

That was after a few days of fumbling around with techie stuff in articles spread across the internet web with contradicting solutions.

That was another milestone, and thought it was a breakthrough. No I was dead wrong.

I thought it was the time to sit back and watch the money roll in, since I was sure the AdSense ads were up and running as before. I opened up the AdSense monetization dashboard and was hit by another surprise. Though there indicated somewhat normal traffic trends in terms of page views  like before, there were no clicks or earnings in relation to the period immediately the custom domain name was linked to the blogspot blog.

I had to double check to ensure that the AdSense ads settings were set appropriately- and yes, everything was as before. But the problem was, the gatgets were displaying blank ads in the page spaces the ads were usually displayed.

Another internet browsing session was triggered- where I had to find the solution as to how to set the ads on the blogger custom domain name blog. It was after checking and viewing several do it yourself DIY youtube videos about the same topic “how to fix adsense ads not showing/displaying on blogger blog with custom domain name” and attempting the fixes without success that it at last dawned to me that that I had hit the dead end.

The last nail on my adsense earnings coffin was driven when I came across a google adsense guideline in the blogger adsense forum about the requirements to meet and how to plan before upgrading from free blogspot domain to a custom domain. You can Check it HERE.

Here is a snapshot of the summary of what I discovered and requirements I should have fulfilled in order to retain adsense ads: CLICK IT TO ENLARGE

I am no longer browsing the internet about the same issue looking for the solution to ads not displaying on my custom blogger blog. I am as guilty as charged, for not planning the upgrade, instead reacting emotionally without reading the guidelines and requirements to blogger blogspot upgrade to custom domain.

It was that feeling of having struggled across the crocodile infested river but only to realize that the lion is lying in wait for me on the other side of the riverbank. You don’t have to swim back, instead face the lion. That is what I am doing.

Anyway, I still feel that I wouldn't have rushed into upgrading to custom domain blogger blog if the tutorial I followed to set the custom domain to blogspot blog had indicated somewhere the risk involved. According to the domain name upgrade adsense guide, my newly branded blog, with a professional looking theme will be under review for google AdSense for Content till further notice....which can be a forever.

What does that mean?

As they have directed in the guidelines, I will have to  keep on publishing great content, where I will be focused more on my affiliate marketing business which is in fact the prerequisite of creating this blog. Earning through AdSense was the alternative way to monetize this blog anyways. 

The plus site of the story is that; I have also learnt a lot about how to verify and and get the site indexed high by google, yahoo and bing search engines- SEO optimization, which I was never aware of its importance with blogger blogspot. 

If you  reached this point, you must be wondering where is the guide I promised at the beginning of this post.

I won't go into that today, instead I recommend Namecheap guide for my readers who may decide to buy their domain name HERE. They have a comprehensive easy-to-follow step-by-step guide accompanied by snapshots. I have already used myself and gave it a 5 stars rating.

How to eject a jammed computer DVD drive disc tray

When you try to eject the DVD drive disc tray by pressing the eject button but instead hear the clucking sound of disc tray trying to open but fails, here is the simplest solution.
All that you will need is a thin and firm paper foil or a blunt steel wire.
After you have found your paper foil and set it in place. Locate a small hole in front of the computer DVD drive tray.
Before you do anything, ensure that the computer is switched off.
While the computer is off, push your paper foil or blunt wire through the small opening and at the same time try to shake the disc tray in up and down movements.
Ensure that the paper foil or wire being pushed through the hole fits well and does not stick to the sides.
With a gently but steady push on the paper foil or wire, the disc tray will be ejected without much efforts being applied.
Since this problem is usually caused by dust clotting on the lower or upper side of the disc tray, it is recommended that you wipe both sides of the disc tray to make sure that they are free of dust.
You will have fixed the problem of jammed DVD disc tray once and for all.

Why I decided to pursue affiliate marketing as the main income generating source and retire young

Though I have a reliable 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM offline job with a decent pay and attractive incentives, I decided to pursue my affiliate marketing career as the first priority and retire earlier without the stress of what to do with after retirement life.

I have seen people who earned well and lived in high living standards in their hay days but ended up living miserable lives after retirement due to poor financial planning with their retirement perks. Nobody plans to fail but if you don't plan your future well, you definitely plan to fail.

You don't want to be such example, do you?

For those beginners who find the terms AFFILIATE MARKETING as the strange terms or hearing them for the first time, here is a quick explanation. Affiliate marketing is the online way of marketing whereby the marketer (affiliate marketer) points the right product to the online shoppers, and when the shopper purchases the product, the affiliate marketer earns affiliate commission –which is the percentage of the particular sale. No stress of shipping the items, since that would be taken care of by the product store owner and that is no one’s business. The commissions earned may range from 10% up to 100% depending on the product sold. It even gets better with some affiliate programs where there exists the recurring affiliate commissions (which means that the affiliate marketer earns lifetime commission on each sale provided the referral stays active in the program) where you will be receiving payment messages like this one below.
And then you will be receiving more messages like this in your PayPal account after afterwards.

If you usually shop online, or if you have ever shopped online, you must have researched online before deciding to purchase something and you made the decision based on the reliable reviews you read about the product you were searching for that made you feel you were making the right purchase. You probably clicked on a link that led you to the product store and made a purchase. You actually earned someone (the affiliate marketer) some cash.

That is how it is done, but is just one out of the other 1000s of methods to select from, and you can be thought here for free from scratch how it is done.

As an affiliate marketer, I find that or rather believe that my future plans are all in the right direction to continue generating reliable income from online passively from the comfort of my home office as the boss of my own.

Some people would wonder why someone would just decide to pursue affiliate marketing as the main income generating activity online when it is harder to achieve success with it as compared to many other ways of generating income working online. So they believe, which in my opinion is the reverse.

I know many would opt for blogging rather than affiliate marketing when it comes to the ease of creating successful online business, because they believe blogging doesn’t require a lot of techie stuff to start earning from own blog and would earn though popular ads networks by simply sharing the things one likes most with the audience who find his/her posts helpful. They call it following one’s passion and earning from your hobby.

What if I challenge you right here that one can start affiliate marketing with very small or zero cash budget but still generate up to thousands of dollars provided they have someone to get all the help and support from?

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