Tips On How To Improve your sports betting experience to a new levels with sure bets online gaming fixed matches in Kenya

With the emergence of many sports betting companies in Kenya like Sportpesa, betway, shabikibet valuebet, Betpawa etc and easy access to sports betting by the use of the mobile phones and computers through the websites, Sports-betting has been the key topic in many households nowadays. In fact there is an endless list of betting sites in Kenya with a bonus.

Sports betting apps, are unfortunately listed as one of the causes of why some families have fallen apart and increased divorce cases in Kenya. This is due to irresponsible betting habits that the spouses usually engage in and end up losing more than they are ready to lose.

Just like narcotic drugs and alcohol, sports-betting is addictive and if the participants are not in good control of their betting habits, they may end up being adversely affected to the point that they might opt for suicide in case things don’t work their way. This has happened to many victims whenever big football matches especially in the English league are held and ended up in barren draws.

Before learning about the main cause of rampant suicidal cases associated with sports,  I used to wonder how foolish the suicidal fanatics took the decision to commit suicide while the players who participated in the match and lost couldn’t go to such extent when they are the direct victims. I had no idea the suicidal fanatic might not have been the fan of either of the participating football clubs, but only placed a very big bet on the side he believed would win the match- but the opposite happened.

Away from that! Did you know that there are gamers out here betting for a living?

While others just place bets for fun and a hobby, others out there who actually know how to do it the right way are making a killing from sports betting- considered a very high risk form of financial investment.

Their motto is; RISK BIG WIN BIG and above all, pray to God to open your eyes to find the right match to place a bet. There is no luck in gaming, just do the right thing.

So you have been losing match bets each and every other day but still wondering why things aren’t working your way?

You have been hanging on expecting that a miracle will occur and transform the potential winnings usually seen on the bet slips into actual winnings?

Don’t give up yet. Here are some of the tips that will help you improve your sports betting habit and increase your winnings in the year 2018;

Firstly, ask yourself the following short questions;

  1. Have you been placing multiple bets with over ten matches?
  2. Have you been placing multi bets of under $1 in each bet?
  3. Have you been placing the bets loosely based on the recommendations of other gamers?
  4. Are you the kind of person who places bets in rush?
  5. Do you have a betting strategy that you apply when betting?
  6. Are driven by greed when placing your bets?

There are no wrong or right answers to the above questions provided you are confident in what you do, but let me clarify something.

A common mistake that many gamers do in sports betting is; placing a bet of a long list of matches on the bet slip, with very low amount of cash on each bet. This will actually multiply the amount of the possible winnings but at the same time reduce the chances of winning at the same rate. At the end, it is most likely that one will win the potential winnings but not the actual winnings.

On the other hand, the gamers who take sports betting seriously and do it as a full time job, it is recommended that you place bets only on matches which one can accurately predict the outcome based on a thorough research (which can be done online). In other word- the sure bets. Just choose a few of the sure bets, and place a significant amount of cash.

It is even more secure if one places the bets separately on a given set of sure bets. This would reduce the risk of losing everything in case one match goes wrong.

With this strategy, there are more chances of winning than losing the cash invested in any bet and it is rarely disappoints. Otherwise, you will remain the ever crying baby of “…only one match denied me $1000 bob…”

“…..If it wasn’t for Man United missing a penalty, I would now be the proud winner of Kshs.560000…”

“…I am very bitter about Arsenal, they denied me the win of $500 yesterday. I had placed a $1 bet on a multibet of 15 matches. Imagine all other matches went through.

The rant goes on and on…….. but you keep on losing the bets. Blame that on your greed, not lack of luck.

As you keen on ranting about Chelsea denying you a win of $500 after placing a bet of $1 dollar cash, do you know there is a gamer out there smiling his way to the bank after risking $100 dollars on a single sure bet with impressive odds that won him $200 dollars?

That is called smart betting strategy, and it is sustainable. Above all, only risk amount of cash you are ready to loss. No miracles to expect. Things sometimes just don’t work as expected, and that is why the betting companies are here to stay. Gambling is a risky business anyway.

Did I just say there is no luck in betting? Yes, I meant it. But I believe in another similar thing called destiny. This one can turn you a millionaire overnight, especially with jackpot bets. 

Have a nice betting time with more winnings than ever. But I don't wish you good luck. I wish that destiny remembers you on your next bet.

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