First Things You Must Know to Succeed Working and Earning Online Which Successful Bloggers Never Reveal To Beginners

If you are a beginner or advancing online worker in blogging or just one trying to make the ends meet by working online, almost stuck and wondering how to improve your blogging experience, this post is just concocted as an eye-opener to prepare you mentally for the bumpy road ahead towards your successful online career. Just a quick reminder- I came to realize that online work at home stuff is not for the faint-hearted -who want to see instant results.

The purpose of me creating this post is to assist my audience shorten the usual long and meandering journey towards creating successful online business.

I have been researching online for so long with curiosity to know how bloggers and other work at home online acrobats really legitimately make huge sums of money doing their stuff online, and the answer has been varying from one blogger to another. In most of cases somewhat discouraging.

At least, I had a hint that there are legit and reliable ways to make money online free of scams- that was already a step ahead as it is something many people out there don’t have a clue about or think online income is only for the IT techie sort of people. Otherwise, I would have shelved my ambition to try make a decent income online, quit my job and fully rely on the never disappointing online work opportunities.

I can now whole-heartedly assure anyone that there are several ways to make money online that one can choose from whether with a website or not -having a website being an added advantage beyond certain limitations -which we will learn here later.

Away from the long intro, let’s delve into the stuff that got you here;

  • They will never warn you in advance of scams online

To have searched online and landed on this post, I believe you too have got the hint that there are multiple different ways to make money online, but did you also know that there are more scams out there than the real and legit reliable ways to make money online for free? 
They usually try to sell you “air” with promises to be able to assist you make more money on autopilot and get rich overnight. It will never be. I was there, blindly got into their snares with head first.

You must have also come across posts or reviews of those thumping their chests about how a certain product (usually an app) is minting for them 1000s of cash daily. Instead of wondering why a sane person in his senses would use cash to promote the sale of a gold mine, you only see the benefits of getting your hands on the thing.

  • They don’t tell you to avoid procrastinating

I can say I wasted a lot of time and it has cost me more than I can think, just because I sat back and didn’t take action. Or should I just say IT WASN’T THE RIGHT TIME?

It was the result of PROCRASTINATION. I can admit that- and this is one big problem facing most of the people where no one is supervising you at what you are doing and it should be blacklisted as the most common mistake online people do on their journey towards building successful future businesses whether online or offline -the demerits of being the boss of your own. That is just being absolutely a lazy boss reporting to no one but time will haunt you.

  • They only recommend stuff that will earn them much affiliate commissions, not stuff that will assist you accomplish your goals

This one is the basis of this post.

It is the matter of what-do-I-have-in-there when approached for assistance and may assist according to the returns expected.

This is a fact you will never miss with bloggers/ affiliate marketers earning big online. If you want to confirm my discoveries, take this example. Just try to google the best or most reliable and recommended webhosting for a new site. You will be astonished by the results. You will see that most of the reviews in the results will be recommending bluehost.

Why bluehost? 

I am not saying that bluehost is not a recommendable webhosting service provider. I mean that; is it really the most recommendable webhosting service provider or there is a catch? Let’s get the facts right. If you check the websites of those reviews, you will find that they are not hosted by bluehost. 

You can check the hosting of any site using webhosting checker like You will find them hosted by other webhosting service providers- which they don’t recommend in their reviews. Why?

Nobody wants to answer this question. But he is eager to recommend it as the number one top website hosting service provider in the world. The answer is simple; because bluehost pays them more in affiliate commissions than other webhosting service providers. And that is it.

This discovery has got me to the conclusion that; most of the online reviewers/bloggers will only recommend and promote the sales of stuff that will earn them more regardless of whether it satisfies the purchaser or  not.

My advice to online buyers is that they should approach the reviews of the products they are willing to purchase with caution, since it is not a matter of the quality of the recommended product, but rather what the reviewer will get in the sale conversions.

That is it!

If you didn’t get my point clearly and wondering, so what is this all about? The point is; as a beginner online worker, one should not be swayed off course by the recommendations of the advanced bloggers/online marketers about the things you need to do. Most of them will not show you the right direction, instead they will send you to where they will reap more on your activity regardless of whether you get the service you needed or not.  Don't be surprised to be referred to sign up for a study course the referrer has no clue what it contains, bu claiming it will help you earn cash online.

This is not only for the benefit of the online workers but almost everyone who has access to the internet and looks for assistance from the online self-proclaimed gurus who pose as if they know every nook and cranny of the internet universe. You are advised to do thorough research about the items you need to be associated with instead of just relying on the information supplied in the sales promotions reviews created by the affiliated referrers.

Anyway, no one can expect the bloggers to reveal such stuff when they see everyone in their audience to be a potential business opportunity in one way or another. 

But why would someone sell you a snake when you ask him for a fish, just because you don't know how a fish looks like?

Will you still come back to him when you realize you were played? 

That is why I decided to jump in the shoes of the potential customers because I know which one hurts most. Long term relationship is the basis of the sustainability of any business venture.

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