Small SEO Things That Bloggers Fail to Update On Their Sites To Improve Their online Income

In order for one to enjoy earning high online returns by either blogging or owning a website that has useful content, the site itself must be made in a way that it is search-engine friendly, and thus rank highly in the search results. These tips are SEO-based, and focus on the site traffic basically generated through search engines.

It is the tendency of many site owners to focus on adding more and more content to their sites, when the site is finally monetized and seem to be performing according to the owners’ expectations. 

As they keep on adding new content to their websites, they tend to carry themselves away and end up forgetting to understand what their site users are really interested in. as a result, they fill their web pages with the content that might seem to be duplicated and monotonous in a sense that no old user would be encouraged to come back to the same site, or bookmark the site for future reference.

Today, I would like to share with my readers my several secrets that I always apply to my blogs to ensure that they do not end up as obsolete sites with the content that belong to the museum. Having taken online work as my second nature and the sole bread winning source of making a living, it has enabled me to discover some strategy that if applied well and at the right places, it might amaze you according to the power that is hidden therein.

Since blogging or site ownership can serve as a guaranteed steady stream of income, provided the owner is aware of what he is doing, just like any other offline business, it may take a lot of patience to start realizing any returns.

This should not discourage the online working newbie who tend to be carried away by the scam promises to get rich overnight, when they are themselves the catch of the cyber hunters. In fact it should be a stepping stone to the unlimited online earning potential that can only be spotted by the skillful eyes of the experienced online worker.

Tired of my beating about the bush?

But of course you are curious to know something that can change your online earning forever, and wish you had known it earlier.

To cut a long story short, we are here online, to make it our earning opportunity as well as maximize or exploit the given opportunity to the fullest, so that when the time runs out of our hands, we will remain with something to smile about, the something can be in the form of passive income, generated by the sites that we have created throughout our lifespan.

Now let’s see how we can built our future sources of income based on the few sure and winning secrets that will change your online earning attitude forever, and instead look at it with a different perspective.

So here are the long awaited tips to earn online by blogging the smart way;

As the blog or website begin generating some traffic (SEO-based), one has to take his time and spot the keywords, or search phrases being used by the users interested in his content, and note them down. After which you will have to produce more content about similar topics. Just like a super market that specializes I certain commodities or service provision that the customers believe can only find them there.

Another tool that can be applied in the similar manner, but instead expect different and interesting results is the updating the outdated content or blog posts, by editing them to reflect to the current interests of the site visitors.

Introducing on the site new features that would enable the users of your content to access them by one click, instead of searching the whole site for the required important information; This can be achieved by including a search box on the site or including internal links, relating to important search tags that lead to more visits to the related blog pages, hence increasing the page views from every visitor’s browsing.

I hope the above tips will really help you in ensuring that you tap into the treasure hidden in the online working platform, narrowed to the ad sense related ads income.

How Easily Can Someone Maliciously take Over The Control Of All Your Online Accounts Provided He Gets Access To Your e-mail Account Password

This blog post information is mostly important to all the online workers who tend to sign up to various work sites and create different online accounts using their only one main e-mail account.
 The online important accounts such as PayPal accounts, face book, twitter, pinterest, Google accounts, you tube accounts and many others fall under this category.

 It will be very great measure to ensure that all the important online accounts that you ever created remain secure and can only be accessed by only the authorized parties.

 It does not take anyone to be a computer programming guru or a cyber wiz to be able to crack into all your online accounts and take over the control of your online accounts. As long as he/she can get access to your Gmail, Yahoo mail or whichever e-mail account that you use in signing up to most online sites and creating other important online accounts, as well as receiving and sending out e-mail messages.

In other words, getting access to your Gmail account is the master key to all other online accounts owned by the same individual.

See how this is very easy;
As long as one can get into your e-mail inbox, he can be able to know all your online activities, just basing on the mails found in your inbox. He can also be able to use the links in some of the mails to be redirected to the sites that you work online with.

Signing in to some of the sites that sent e-mails to you through your sign up account is where everything becomes interesting and not as hard as it might look.
The first step one can do in order to get access to your other accounts is to identify all the online accounts that you have created which he has got the intention to take control over and make his own.

After identifying the accounts (based on the information in some of your e-mail messages), he notes down the usernames that you are using to sign in to your accounts.

Assuming that you recently received an e-mail that indicates that you had received a certain amount of money from one of the online jobs that you did to your PayPal account. The hacker will be able to access your PayPal account whereby upon signing in to your PayPal account, one will feign to have forgotten the password. Upon the site providing the alternative to send the reminder mail to the required e-mail account, the fraudster will just key in the account owner’s g-mail account username,only to retrieve the ‘forgotten password’ to the required e-mail account.

After getting access to any given related account, he can decide to do anything, whether he decides to change the username or the password or both, it will be wholly under his or her control.
By doing the same to all the sites with the accounts that you created, one can be able to take over all your online resources and have all the control to them, denying you the access to any of them just by changing the usernames or passwords or both.

This is one of the reasons why e-mail accounts companies strongly advise against sharing your passwords with the persons or sites one cannot trust. As well as creating complicated account passwords that cannot be easily guessed by someone with bad intentions.

It is also recommended to create different passwords for each site the  user is signing up with in order not to compromise the safety of all the related accounts when the hacker accidentally gets access to the password to one account, whether a social site account or personal online account.

To cut a long story short, taking utmost care of the safety of your e-mail account is the key to  having all your subsequent online accounts secure.

How to get maximum number of page views from the same site visitor and generate more money from your site/articles

If you have been wondering why your site or blog seems to have readers who seem to bounce from the landing page or the entry page, then you have just landed to the right page which in turn will give you the lasting solution that will enable you get readers who will end up visiting almost all the pages in your blog.

You will also find it very interesting when the reader seems to be curious to see what other posts in your site holds that he/she might find even more beneficial as opposed to what exactly he might have been searching for.

The main reason for me to publish this article is to help the blogging beginners and new site owners to create quality sites that will be able to rank well in search engine search results as well as be amongst those searches that will likely be chosen from the search results by the internet user interested in the information from the similar topic.

Here are some of the tips/tricks that if applied very professionally, will make your adsense earnings higher than you have ever imagined;

Using catchy post titles-

Just like those made by news experts, one has to use phrases that seem to give away the brief information about the interesting content in the article. This serves the interest of the site owner/ blogger very well in the sense that even if the post may not be that interesting, before the reader realizes it, a view will have been earned already.

With very creative titles, it makes your blog posts stand out from the crowd and thus increasing the chances of getting more reads from the browsing internet users from all over the world.

Ensuring that your site has many content pages-

Having a lot of content in your blog/site will serve you very important purpose; especially when it comes to SEO optimization, whereby  the richly distributed keywords or key word phrases will lead to more chances of page hits by the random internet users whose  to key in search phrases that are available to some of your site page contents, all these are transformed into very productive page views.

Proper organization of blog posts-

This trick can serve you very well if you can take considerate time to ensure that your posts are arranged in a way that the reader will find it easy to navigate from each post to another with almost similar information. In fact, the reader or content user to your site information finds that all the information can be found in your post without taking any further internet search.

Proper use of internal links on your site pages-

By using a certain number of links on every individual page to other pages or blog posts in the same site, the user of your site is able to get more reliable information about any mentioned topic by simply clicking on the link that will lead him/her to your other page, hence easily accessing other pages of your site without necessarily leaving your site. As a result, many page views will have been generated from the same user.

Limiting the number of external links-

By limiting the number of external links, you reduce the chances of the users of your site content exiting  to other sites whenever they click the external link, the activity that might make you to lose all your new users to the other sites, which perhaps have better content as compared to yours. Limited external links reduce unnecessary competition for the potential site users.

Enhancing link exchange with sites with similar content

Link exchange should not be confused with the use of external links. With link exchange feature, both sites enjoy equal advantages whereby the users are likely to enter each of the linked sites from each site, hence each site benefits from each other’s traffic. These benefits can be more if the other person’s sites mostly serve as the traffic entry site.

With all the above tricks of driving traffic to your site exploited fully, you will enjoy the benefits of earning online without needing a lot of users to your site and yet maximize the number of the page views from the limited number of those readers whose internet searches direct them to your site.