How to create your site in a way that it earns for you without investing a lot of efforts

Creating a website that will attract the reliable internet traffic is the main dream of every website owner who would like run a lucrative online business and earn his living working online.

 In order to achieve this dream, one has to come up with a website system plan that will enable his site to have maximum number of daily traffic which will be turned into valid ad clicks as well as page views that can be converted into cash earnings if the website owner has monetized his site with the popular advertisers such as adsense, chitika ads as well as skimlinks, vikilinks  among others.

It has become a popular trend of some webmasters coming up with innovative ways of creating websites that tend to transform the users of the site to be authors or content creators of the site pages as well, thus serving two important duties, both as the traffic generators and the site content creators.

As a result of this, the site can easily generate a lot of income just by relying on the internal traffic alone, and even be better off when the external users join the efforts as they use key words in search phrases to land on the pages created by the subscribed member users, and earn a percentage of the website earnings according to their activity on the site.

This all can be achieved using any of the following ways;

 Creating a site forum in which the users are meant to discuss the issues regarding the site and many other ideas getting exchanged among the forum members. The questions getting asked and answered, a forum is just one of the examples of the ways the website can enhance the retain-ability of the users of the site.

This system can easily be adopted by the site owner who has already set up the site and is wishing to retain the users who are already attracted to the content of the site. It may also involve the motivating incentives in form of cash earnings in relative to the activity of the user to the site.

 Another system of the website plan is whereby the users are limited to access to certain important services until they fulfill a certain requirement of the site and be able to maintain a certain standard of user-ship, which may vary from logging in to the site as regularly as possible as well as referring other users to the site and gain some more benefits in form of earnings which may be accumulated over a certain period of time before qualifying to be cashed out.

If you have followed this post closely, you will find that most of the best performing sites in the ciber world use some of the website plan systems that I have just shared in this article and they tend to gain popularity each and every day as new members are introduced to them by the old site members through their referral links.

You can confirm these if you look at some of the revenue-share writing sites like;

 hubpages, seekyk, bubblews, postanyarticle, writedge, infobarrel, squidoo,D2Dtips,ExpertPages, FullOfKnowledge,smorty etc.

Or content-sharing sites such as; in conjunction with the, gigacircle etc.

 And the popular face book, twitter, pinterest and google+, teckler, linkedin etc.

So if you are looking forward to earning your daily bread online without much competition for the online users who are interested in the content of your site, you got to think beyond blogging, which is normally regarded as the way to generate an additional shilling, but not that reliable as the main source of online worker’s income.

I think these are the most sophisticated ways people are enriching themselves from, just setting up a reliable website as a platform  upon which site members sign up to work at a percentage earnings as specified by the terms of use on the site, which vary from site to site.

How To Create Blog Posts That will Guarantee You a Higher Google Page Rank Besides Other Popular search engines SERPs

The tips or secrets to create blog posts for your site that will ensure a higher page rank rating of your site by having search engine friendly keywords differ from one site to another and so, one has to have a proper understanding as to what kind of the search phrases are likely to be used by the users of the content similar to the one the site is offering.
 To be clearer, the words that the readers are likely to key in into the search box for the search engine to come up with the search results with similar phrases or words on the pages.

For example, for one to come up with this page as one of the optional results of the google search, yahoo search, bing search engine and etc, the likely keywords that the reader may use will be any of the following or something close to these;

Creating blogs for online earning

Search engine optimization of web pages

How to create a blog post

How to maximize online earnings

How to drive reliable internet traffic to a site

Ways to enable one to earn online

Online earning secrets

How to retain readers to your site

How one can earn online by writing

Earn money writing online

The list of the possible search phrases that may enable the internet user to land to this page goes on and own to thousands of keywords  or word arrangements.

Different arrangements of words in a search phrase will give this page a different page rank in the search engine search results depending on the distribution of the key words available in this page as compared to the same in the other sites offering similar content.
You can also boost the accessibility of your site pages by simply taking advantage of the fact that search engine mostly rely on the amount of the keywords in a web page, so by creating long posts, the articles of at least 500 words will gain the possibility of ranking higher in the search engine results.

The other secret that may make your web pages have a high possibility of getting accessed by different search engines when the user is searching for the similar content to your site pages very much employed by most of the webmasters is simply creating very many web pages that contain similar search phrases that ensure that the content available to the site is very rich of relevant key words in a way that if the search engine fails to pick on the landing page of the site among the top search results, it is likely to land on the next page or even better, both pages lead the way in the search results.

As a result, there exists a very high possibility of the page getting viewed by the user browsing for the similar internet information.

This is the reason why most of the writing sites that offer writing opportunities to the freelance online writers, for example; hubpages, seekyt, squidoo, infobarrel,  etc  recommend that the articles to be submitted meet the required quality standards in terms of the richness in keywords as well as be over 500 words or even 700 words.

Bloggers' Main Mistakes that Will Kill your Blog SERP SEO Rankings Solved

Be it blogging for beginners or vlogging you are associated with as a business to earn extra money online, the two have most of the things in common. As the most popular of the ways many content creators  have used and still use to make extra money online as part time work at home that have stood the test of time, unless one is fully devoted to shoulder through the problems associated with it, and evade the common blogging mistakes; the chances of giving up are very high and that is why many beginner bloggers never earn any money from their blogs.

According to those who  tried and failed to earn money from their blogs as beginners, they reached a point where they wondered whether there are any secrets they missed or special tips they must have known or needed  to get their blogs generate them income as some of the authority blogs out there earning the owners 1000s of dollars each month without struggle.

It is not unpopular encounter on the internet to find frustrated beginner bloggers who are having trouble getting started, looking for information about the fundamental blog monetizing issues they are experiencing. Some would be seen posting on some public forums about how they are having trouble attracting reliable traffic to their blogs. Others usually share about how their applications to ad network companies like AdSence, AdNet etc failed to get approval, citing low quality traffic as the main problem.

Apart from the usual problem getting approved for AdSence for content account and start off earning as a content marketer, and getting paypal account verified through which one’s earnings would be sent, there are numerous problems to be encountered along the way as a result of your activity on your blog/site or youtube channel.

The best thing about these problems is that they are mainly associated with the way your site is able to attract internet traffic and increase audience engagement, or simply- the satisfaction of the users.

As a new blogger who is unsure of his posting interests, one of the things that  you may find yourself doing the moment you set up a new blog (especially on free blog domains) is posting random articles associated with any kind of information that you can have access to or the type you have enjoyed elsewhere.

By so doing, your site may be able to attract some readers, who in fact may be interested in one piece of your content, but not the other. As a result, the readers move elsewhere or search for similar information they are looking for elsewhere and never to remember about your site any more.
In other words, your site should not be the one time hit site to the users, but instead a site which is a ‘one-stop-shop.’

In fact, such random posting may be looked at as a way to diversify your blog content and be able to attract more traffic from all types of searches online, but that is never true. Remember, your blog is not a wikipedia, and that will be a disadvantage to your blog due to many millions of competing sites on the web for similar keywords.

According to SEO requirements, random posting is a deterrent to high rankings in SERPs due to the scattered or insufficient key words in the posts leading to low chances of your content showing up under certain competitive keyword searches even though the keywords would present in the posts.

Here is the main point of writing this post. Though it may not be new as the title of this post imply, it might be of very much help to many upcoming bloggers who are still  wondering why their blogs are not ranking higher in SERPs and gaining more traffic that would enable their growth to generate online some earnings by blogging even though they keep posting new content.

To cut a long story short, this post is about proper choosing of the blogging NICHE under which all your blogging content will revolve about. This is the main thing that will only work for you if the content that you are sharing on your blog is rich and that you understand your audience, and your audience would be eager to sign in expecting to find there the solution info to the problems they are searching about. You understand what you are sharing about and you are well versed with the background knowledge about the given topics to the extent that the readers or users who land on your site feel like even their unasked questions have already been answered.

And even if they wouldn't be satisfied, they will take time to ask anything at the post comment section to get more satisfaction.

Focusing on the topics that you are very knowledgeable, passionate and able to give all the required exhaustive details is the way to go in this field of blogging for all those who wish to take their blogging career to next level and in turn generate them some extra money or make a full living from blogging. Brushed or lightly touched information about any topic is demoralizing and the audience tend to look for exhaustively thorough content elsewhere, hence the higher the bounce rate.

Otherwise, such approach to posting blog content can be likened to a shop that has stocked some products, but lack variety and diversification, hence the shoppers tend not to be satisfied by the services they get and end up finishing their shopping elsewhere. As a result, they do not wish to return to your shop anymore, because of the disappointment they would have felt in your shop.

I hope the next time you think of earning online by blogging, think about the best niche with low competition, that you will be able to come up with very interesting content and stand you blog out of the crowd. Else you will be one of those I see around the web shouting “don’t waste your time blogging.” And yet the only alternatives they have and claim to be earning them money fast on autopilot are their own scam programs.

Just because they failed to do the right thing at the right time when starting their blog, leading to their not realizing the benefits of blogging, they should not be your role model.

Just find your writing niche, and all other things about blogging will just fall in place like a jigsaw puzzle and instead of struggling to make the ends meet, it will be fun blogging like a guru in a matter of weeks.

The most grave mistake you can ever do as a blogger is choosing profitable blogging niche that will not work for you. This is where you have to take your time and ensure that you make the best choice ever, otherwise it will be an uphill struggle even finding the right content for your blog.

Do you have a problem choosing a profitable business niche that will work for you? Don't worry, we have a solution for you.

Anyway, did you know that blogging is nowadays the main foundation to creating successful online business and that is how some bloggers who started off small just like you are now making 1000s of dollars of cash each month through the internet from home? 

That means, they found out the secret to earn more money fast online, applied it accordingly to grow their business and they have achieved their dream success.

If you ask any honest successful bloggers how they achieved their blogging business success and turned their passion into cash-generating-source, they will tell you they achieved it by using the right channels and reliable best training courses to boost blogging skills and access to the material and support required. 

So, what are some of the best blogging training courses available on the internet for free? You may find yourself asking. 

With the presence of many scam training programs on the web, I doubt you will want to dig deep into your pockets until you have tested the waters and got satisfied that you have got your hands on the material you have been searching for to improve your blogging skill.  

There are programs out there that offer pocket-friendly blogging training courses for a fee but you can also access reliable beginners blogging courses for free too. As per now I only recommend my best training program that I have tested and still use their services to date. You can check here for real inspiring success stories about how the program has helped many.

Through their free blogging training courses for beginners for starter membership, you will have free access to training material sufficient to start your online business off easily and you will learn about;

  •  How to create/build authority website in 30 minutes, as a foundation to your future online business. Added advantage if you already have a blog up and running.
  • You will learn how to apply blogging is the key to success in affiliate marketing
  • You will learn how to choose a blogging niche that will work for you based on your passion in case you have trouble choosing the right blogging niche yourself, besides the mistakes other bloggers usually make while choosing the business niche
  • You will learn where and how to source your blog content
  •  How to create great authoritative content that will rank high in SERP
  • How to monetize the blog and be the boss of your own and the available alternative ways of monetizing any blog for beginner or professional bloggers mainly focusing more on affiliate marketing
  • The best thing about the training program is that you will learn at your own pace without anyone bossing you around and you will set your own time schedule yourself.

Make  blogging fun while it generates passive income for you to pay all of your bills and live large by applying the knowledge your predecessors already confirmed as top notch.

New Effective Alternative Ways To Boost Your Online Earnings Without AdSense account By Blogging For A Living

As it is obvious, whenever online earnings are mentioned in a post, many would undoubtedly think about setting up an adsense account and running adsense ads on the sites from which the earnings will be generated when clicked or viewed.

As for those who have ever dealt with adsence, you know or have to know how difficult it is to keep an adsense account, leave alone earning from them. The cases of disabled accounts as a result of any given violation is not news these days for the users with adsense account- which means that all the earnings accumulated in the disabled account are forfeited without further notice.
he new ways that I am about to share with you will enable you to evade putting all the eggs in one basket and thus you will not be in the risk of losing all your online hard-earned money in one go. Life should go on  and bills must get paid. 

There is no special guarantee I have for you that these will be of much help to you earn tonnies of money, but these ways are working for many who really know how to make the ends meet (not a walk in the park)

First of the requirements that is a must to satisfy before getting any fruits from the online earning ways that I am going to share with you are as follows;

Ensure that your site has very reliable traffic and has content that is worthy engaging to the users.

Your site has to offer services beyond just the readable text content, e.g images, downloadable content files such as videos etc.
The content that your sites have must be free from adult content; most of the rules required here are the same as those for adsense account.

To cut the long story short, take a look at the following and feel free to leave your feedback on whether you have found anything helpful from this article.

This is an affiliate marketing tool that will enable you earn from all the online products sold through the links directed from your site content. All that is required with skimlinks is signing up for the skimlinks account and it will only take a few days for them to approve your site. Click here for more

You can as well add as many sites as you can have. The earnings accumulated from the merchant account can be collected through pay pal account.

Besides running adsense account on your site, this can be a supplement earnings account as it also works by running ads on your site web pages and pay for the views, clicks and other impressions associated by the activity of the users of your site. For more, click here

This is the newest blogging platform where only approved blogs can earn from all the activity on their web pages. The site must have at least 10 posts and some of the laid down rules about the site requirements must be met before anyone can earn from smorty using the content on his site.

They also reguire that one should be the owner of the domain name of the blog to be submitted.
The rule which blocks out the users of blogger and other blogging platforms where setting up a blog is free. Click here for more.
This is another affiliate linking program which pays the site owner for all the purchases that the users made while using the site. Click here for more.

With the use of all or some of the above mentioned ways of boosting your online income, one is able to maximize every page view, every ad click and every impression the users leave behind as a result of their activity on the site.