Are Full Of Knowledge, Expert Pages and Post Any Article websites under writers payments crisis?

If you do not know what I am talking about, then here is a clue. Full Of Knowledge, Expert Pages and Post Any Article are online revenue share article sister writing websites owned by one admin popularly known by the sites community as The Crazy Texan.

Besides bubblews, hubpages and squidoo among others, these sites are some of writing sites trusted by online freelance writers as legit earning by writing sites. They usually pay the writers according to the page views their posts attracted in the previous month, which they are used to paying on dates ranging from23rd and 25th without fail, unless the writer violated the site rules.

The puzzling thing happened on the last February when the writers earnings payment accrued in January failed to be paid within the aforementioned time period without proper explanation to the annoyed writers.
To their astonishment, it was on March 6, 2014 when the crazy Texan emerged from his hiding hole to clear the air about the ads attack that the sites experienced by the sites that had led to the suspension of his adsence account by google. The ads attack is believed to have been a bot which ended up clicking the ads randomly.

He claims to have resorted to other advertisers’ platforms which will serve as the alternative to the main mother google adsense.

Whether this are just the cracks that foretell the downfall of the great crazy Texan and his great sites, nobody is yet to tell but it is a challenge to the whole team of experts to come out clear about how they are planning to face the situation at hand.

I am writing this to my blog right now because I am also the victim of the ordeal the three sites are facing right now. I am still undecided as to whether to continue to employ some of my precious time to the sites of which their future payments to the writers is uncertain.

The sites are 100% legit, according to my online long time experience about scam sites,  these do not display any signs of the scam sites that promise the users overnight riches only for them to end up as victims of online scam cases.

If you are interested to start your online writing career, you can give any one of them a try as your stepping stone to your future successful online writing career.