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Review About How To earn More Income Online With And other Scam Free Legit sites

With the increase in the number of legit revshare sites or revenue_sharing sites, anyone wishing or willing to work and earn online with no financial investment has very many options to choose from.

Earning Options ranging from paid writing sites, paid photo sharing sites, paid video sharing sites, paid review sites, paid opinion sharing sites, paid to complete tasks on microearnings, selling products on ebay.

Some writing sites offer to pay the writers once their written articles are sold, others offer a writing platform upon which writers log in after registering with the writing sites, the writers then earn a percentage of the siting site's earnings from adsense derived from the posts submitted by the writer. being one of the new legit writing revenue_sharing site, the writers are offered the earnings, 70 % of revenue derived from the adsense related to the traffic attracted to the writer's posts.
The more the keywords you use in your posts, the more the views your posts receive and the more the money is earned.
Another important thing is that the greater the quality of your created content on, the higher the traffic generated and hence the more the views and that means more earnings.

Uniqueness of your content. Just like in any offline business. The more unique the products you have to sell, the more the chances of your customers coming back to your shop whenever they need the product. So, having the content in your posts that can attract repeating visits is the stepping stone to your success in working online and receiving a reasonable income.

Other sites that of revenue sharing platform to writers are as follows;

1. Bubblews.Com; is a writing site where the writers earn upto 50% of the revenue generated by their content in their posts. The income earned can be redeemed upon reaching a minimum of 25 dollars or more through paypal account which must be a verified paypal account.
2. Wikinut. This is another legit writing revenue_sharing site that you must have an account with if you are wishing to make a fortune through working online and meeting your daily needs. Always remember, having a great quality content is the key to your successful online writing.
You can also take a look at the following sites;

3. Squidoo
4. Hubpages
5. Opinion outpost
6. Gather.Com
7. Zujava
8. Blogger
9. Mylot
10. Greatcontent.Com
11. Textbroker
12. Fiverr
13. Elance
14. Freelancer
15. Odesk
16. Iwriter.Com
17. Liketocash
the list can go on and on but to a starter, working online on all the above websites to earn online income can be already overwhelming in one way or another. It is no easy, but with hardwork and dedication, all can fall in place. Start small, grow big.


How To pass KASNEB CPA Exam in One sitting

Are you a student registered by KASNEB? Or any other accounting field international examining body e.g ACCA- Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.

If you are pursuing any of the following accounting professional or technician courses, having problems studying them well and passing in one sitting, you have just come at the right place.

1. Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
2. Certified Public Secretaries (CPS)
3. Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA)
4. Accounting Technicians Certificate (ATC)

To name just but a few. This is just like a simple and summarized guide to enable any student of KASNEB Exams or whichever examining body to prepare very well and avoid panicking during the examinations.

All the solutions to your studying problems are summarized on this page. All the secrets to make your accounting career a success without struggling through your exams.

You can all bear with me that accounting courses are tough, and their exams are rigorous in a way that for anyone to sit for and pass for incidence, CPA Exam, or CPS, or ATC. In one sitting, the student has to devote at least six months of uninterrupted studying either privately or in a public college.

You feel overwhelmed by the work on hand especially if you are taking evening parttime classes and working.
To avoid getting stuck between your job and studies, a student has to develop a way or devise a system of studying that will enhance his killing both two birds with one stone.

This is where this summarised accounting study guide becomes an essential and a must have commodity to any accountacy student who wishes to pass every exam paper he sits for once.

Yes, try the following tips and see for yourself how invaluable a good study guide can be to a student. Use these to save both time and resources. Above all, you have to understand how KASNEB exams are marked.

1. Select the tough topics in each of the subjects in a course and devoter two thirds of your studying time and try to set and tackle as many possible questions as possible. From all angles relating to the topics in your study.

2. Try to focus much of your studying time attention to mathematical calculations, especially if you are weak in mathematical calculations and questions that would require the student to use the result in part (a) to calculate the part (b) of the same question.

3. Group work is mandatory; this is possible for the college students in the same college. It enhances exchange of ideas which can be better understood from fellow student rather than the university lecturer. 

4. Make your studies your passion, i.e enjoy what you are doing and encourage your mindset to accept your studies as a part of your habit. Change your studies into fun, but how? One may ask. It is all a matter of training you mind. 

5. Be open and discuss your weak topics with both fellow students as well as your lecturers and ask for the best approach to tackling the tough topics. This can't be accomplished without the proper use of KASNEB past papers and answers.

6. While in the exam room, try your best to arrange your work in a very attractive manner to encourage the examiner find the point you are trying to put across on your answer_sheet.

7. Your handwriting amounts to a very high percentage of either scoring more or less marks. A well polished handwriting can encourage a tired examine to read on and award you more marks as opposed to a bad handwriting that can discourage the examiner and award you less marks.

8. Avoid over-expressing your answers by being too wordy to the extent that the examiner gets lost.

9. Make the library your first priority and always crosscheck the facts in each reference textbooks and take note of important points regarding any given topic.

10. Dress smart during the course of the exam. This will enable stress_free total concentration and peace of mind when tackling the exams.

11. Just  mastering the KASNEB examinations rules and regulations is already a step ahead towards passing your KASNEB accounting course- the thing which many students overlook. Those KASNEB guidelines should be at your finger tips to avoid confusions during the exams.

I wish you every best of luck in your successful accounting career as you enjoy passing KASNEB exams in one sitting.

The Job Interview Joke, Laugh your head off At you Own Risk

When did you laugh last? Do you want to lengthen your days on this earth? Crack your ribs at your own risk. Follow me i tickle the breath out of your lungs.

Here is my funniest joke of the year. Two guys were invited for the job interview.
They agreed that the clever one presented himself first before the panel of interviewers, as the other guy listened intently at the door to the interview room to the proceeding interview.

INTERVIEWER: Mr. Mjanja Mamboleo, can you tell the panel when was the first bicycle invented?

JOBSEEKER 1: The bicycle was invented in the year 1815 and modified in the year 1870.

INTERVIEWER: Who is your favourite Kenyan Safari Rally driver, and what model of vihicle does he drive?

JOBSEEKER 1: My favourite local rally driver is Patrick Njiru, and he drives a Subaru Imprezza

INTERVIEWER: The last question Mr. Mamboleo, is the HIV AIDS cure found?

JOBSEEKER 1: Some people say so, but it is not yet confirmed.

INTERVIEWER: Thanks a lot Mr. Mamboleo, you will be notified if the panel votes in favour of you. Next (he shouts, the jobseeker 1 exits as his friend, jobseeker 2 enters)

INTERVIEWER: When were you born?

JOBSEEKER 2: In the year 1815 and modified in the year 1870.

INTERVIEWER: What is your name?

JOBSEER 2: Patrick Njiru and drives Subaru Imprezza.

INTERVIEWER: (Angered) are you mad?

JOBSEEKER 2: Some people say so but it is not yet confirmed.

INTERVIEWER: (Shaking his head)


Have you laughed your head off? You haven't seen anything funny yet, stay put as you crack your ribs with more jokes you won't get anywhere else except, 'what you love most.'

Did you love the joke?
Stereotype, one of the biggest mistakes we do when preparing for interviews. Take care or else be made my joke of the year. Lol!