How I made $100 USD in a week with bubblews

Wow! That is what you are saying, isn't it? It sounds good to be true, yes, probably it is.
This is not a paid review, it is sharing of my personal experience with my devoted readers about

Maybe you are wondering as to 'what the hell is' To start with, is a legit revenue_sharing site that enables one to earn money income just by sharing a maximum of 10 posts a day about anything in your interest with your connections (friends on bubblews). The posts must have not less than 400 characters, and must be in english. Your earnings are dependant on; the likes or dislikes, comments and views your posts receive.
The best thing about is that your post is submitted and published by you as it is. No moderaters are required, no reviewing and scrutiny of your post is done by the site. Unlike other writing sites e.g hubpages, textbroker, triond, zujava etc etc. Where your posts can be rejected by the site but still be kept, leaving you frustrated. The above information is meant for the newbies to and the paid writers world fraternity. Just simple rules to be followed after sign up and you start earning your online income. Redemptions are made through a verified paypal account whenever your bubblews bank account reaches a minimum of $25 dollars and receive your payment after 72 hours.

For those who are already working online on site but things seem not uo be working at all, try the following tips.

1. Make many new ACTIVE connections daily and try to be active by liking, reading and commenting on as many posts of your connections as possible.
2. Make interesting and high quality posts that will attract viewers through search engines
3. Make use of key words in your in your posts to maximize your SEO optimization so that your content can continue earning for you passive income.
4. Following the rules to ensure that all of your redemptions succeeds.
5. Posting a minimum of six posts per day about topics that interest your connections.
6. Promote your articles once through social media e.g facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest etc etc by using the share button.

I don't quarantee you a lot of change or improvement overnight but with time you will start getting positive results, and eventually start redeeming daily. Hope you succeed in yoùr endeavours to work at home online and earn a decent pay.

The Investments plans That Will Quarantee You Successful Retiment Benefits And Continued Earning of Money Income All Your Lifetime And Beyond

As one gains employment, his journey towards his/her retirement begins and it gets nearer each day you wake up and go to work.

Doesn't it get you worrying each time you receive your hard-earned money and after spending it paying for your normal life bills, realise that it is not enough to meet all of your daily needs and retain some surplus for your personal savings?

The above problem is faced by many people regardless of how much income they earn as monthly salaries or weekly wages. The inflated budgets we tend to make might be the prerequisite of all the problems of financial strain we face.
But hey, have you ever asked yourself what your future will be like the moment you lost your current job or became incapacitated?

The solution to the above dangerous financial mistakes starts with You going back to the drawing board and restructuring your personal budget that will accommodate your personal savings. And in fact, you got to treat 20% of your earnings as non_income in a sense that, 'what if you earned 80% of your current income, how would you survive?'

with the above taken into consideration, the challenge now is choosing a financial investment project that will quarantee you a successful retirement benefits that will outlive you. This is the theme of this post, and this is where you have to pay more attention.

Assuming now that you have your 20% cash on you. It is now up to you to invest them in any of the investment projects i am going to explain below. Whichever that you will think suits you best.

1.Buying government bonds: Here it depends on the nature of the bonds. There are long term and short term bonds. Governments sell the bonds to the public at prices lower than face value to raise funds for public expenditure and redeem them at per value after a specified period of time. Hence enabling the public to earn some return on investments.

2. Buying of treasury bills: Here, the procedure is same as the above. The only difference is the period of time allowed for investment.

3. Buying shares from reputable companies in which governments own stakes. Here, you are quaranteed of your money safety as well as the returns on investments.

4. Invest your money with the national retirement benefits schemes. Monthly premiums are paid against an insurance policy and terminated upon termination of your employment, where starts to receive a certain percentage of what he used to earn.

I wish you the best as you consider your future retirement investment plans. For more details about each of the above retirement benefits investment plans, visit their offices in your respective countries or visit the websites.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs in Kenya and abroad for the online community

It doesn't matter which profession you have majored in. What matters here is your computer literacy, all other factors or qualifications will be regarded as added advantage.

What am I talking about? It is really interesting how the internet has easened the life of the internet users. Whether you have a decent job that pays you well or you are fresh graduate from the college, this is the opportunity for all that are wishing to work online at their free time in the comfort of their homes and earn extra cash the affordable way without any financial investment required.

The internet is unlimited in job opportunities. The only problem is how to spot them and exploit them to the fullest. Now that i have spotted some, though it could have cost me a lot to stumble upon them, i will share them for free with anyone who will be lucky enough to read this page as well as those who will be referred here.

Are you a professional photographer, a bookkeeper, an accountant, a journalist, a writer, a songwriter, a musician, a graphic designer, a cartoonist, a marketter, a financial analyst, a professional product reviewer, a poet? etc etc

If your profession is not mentioned above, don't worry at all, because am sure there is a chance for every carreer online. Even a driver can work online as a tutor or instructer, and his advice be paid for by a satisfied client.

For all the interested parties, this opportunity of a lifetime is brought upto your doorstep. It is meant for both who are willing to outsource some professional services at an agreeable price and thore willing to sell the products of their skills, just like any offline business.

Here is the platform where your professional skills are required in return for $5 dollars for every microjob or task satisfactorily completed.

At, the platform is set between the buyer and the seller, both dealing in freelance services and products.

This website has been able to easen the burden of its users as well as create jobs for many who know how to attract more clients (that is a topic in another post)

There are also job retailers or brokers, whose work is to buy jobs from their clients, have them done by the online professionals.

They only pay freelancers for their services when their clients accept and pay for the products. They deduct their agency engagement commision and pay the rest to the product creator. The products may range from artwork, photos, drawings, writings, videos, poems, audio tunes, accounts reports,medical prescriptions, tutorials, designs etc etc.

Tell me now why you should not exploit your skills to the fullest and earn an extra shilling by working online at your own convenient time at home.

Talking from personal experience, many have made a fortune from participating in this.Imagine earning without any financial investment, let your skills earn for you.

For more information sign up with and start earning right away.
Note that, this post is not a paid review for It is all about the benefits that i have accrued from the site.
I wish you all the best in your online earnings and look forward to your feedback.

Reasons why your blog or site is not attracting enough traffic to enable you earn a decent income online

Are you a blogger or do you own a website? Are you interested in working online at your own convenient time at the comfort of your home and earn enough money to meet all your bills?
If any or all of the above questions apply to your case and you were just wondering as to how to go about it.
The main challenge many bloggers and website owners face in their journey to earning online is 'how to attract enough traffic to their sites and generate thousands of views per day'.
Attracting enough traffic to your site is the key or backbone towards success in the life of anyone wishing to earn his or her living by working online.
I know this is why you are on this site and i would like to assure you that it is worth your time reading through this post.
Enough of diplomacy and let's now embark on the reasons why your blog or site is not working for you, by not attracting enough traffic that can generate enough views to take your earnings to the next level.
Still wondering where you went wrong? After working so hard by posting great content and promoting your site through social media, your views are still below a hundred per day.
Try the following tips and within a week or two, depending on the category of your content in your site. See traffic skyrocket to the next level. It will be time to sit back and rip the benefits of your hard labour.
1. Take it as your passion and create great content in your posts i.e content rich enough for your readers.
2. Stand out from the crowd i.e be extraordinary and innovative by posting what your readers will be provoked to want to bookmark your site so that they will always come back.
3. Promote your site like crazy; using social media is the most effective way to promote your site e.g facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, linkedin, etc
4. Follow other bloggers. By reading and commenting and leaving links to your site on their posts.
5. Participating in online forums where new ideas are exchanged and you can incorporate some ideas that fit the category of your posts.
6. Maximise your backlinks to the other highly rated SEO sites.
Hope you enjoy earning online by blogging great. Hope also that you give me some feedback as to how this post helped you.

Make money online the easiest way

It is quite disheartening when you are promised by a legit-looking to get rich overnight only to be too late to learn that the site is a scam and you probably wasted your precious time and even money in the name of membership upgrading fee.
It is even sickening when you are looking or browsing the internet for ways to make extra cash online only to stumble upon a legit looking site that promises to help you make money online at the comfort of your own home. When you fall for their bait, the site leads you to other sites created either by the same person or owned by his affiliates. At the end of it all you help the sites earn money by clicking and viewing the sites but you end up earning nothing.
In the journey to earn online, i have been the victim to the scammers for several times and thus i don't wish for you to undergo the similar experience.
Here are things you look for if you want to earn money online the right way.
First, i wish to ask you some questions;
1. Are you a newbie to the internet world?
2. In which way are you willing to work online and earn some extra bucks?
3. Do you have special IT skills that can help you achieve your dream by working online as a freelancer?
4. Are you looking for a legit revenue sharing site that really pays its members?
Having considered the above questions, maximize the use of your precious time by ensuring that what you are looking for is really what you get. Am now narrowing my perspective to revshare sites or legit revenue_sharing sites that pay.
Before we look at some examples
Take these seriously;
1. Look for the reviews about the site you are considering to work with and ensure that they are not paid reviews
2. Look at the membership of the site and ensure that they are from different geographical regions
3. Ther mode of payment must look genuine and reasonable.
Now you can take a look at the following list revshare sites starting with what i consider the most promising;
1. Bubblews
2. Zujava
4. Teckler
5. Triond
6. Troind
7. Postloop
8. Cashtolike
9. ebay
10. Opinion outpost
The above are the sites i have earned from before and hope that you enjoy your time working with them. If there is another site you have good experience with, don't hesitate to share with me in the comments section.