M-Pesa Fraudster Trick All The Safaricom Mobile Network Customers Must Beware Of

Whether you are a city dweller or not, these m.pesa fraudsters target m.pesa customers who are dressed in a way to reveal that they do not always have less than ksh.1000 in their pockets.

This is how my best friend parted with his kshs.1000 in the hands of such m.pesa froudster.
My best man alighted from a matatu stage and after walking for about five minutes along the kenyatta avenue within nairobi town, a nice car stopped just next to him. The owner, a smartly dressed man emerged from behind the steering wheel and warmly greeted my friend as if he knew him.

After conversing for a while, the stranger asked my dear friend if he could help him with something that was bothering him. my curious friend wished to know what the problem was, where the stranger explained to my friend that his mercedez benz had run out of petrol and that he was in a hurry to fuel his vehicle but unfortunately all his funds were in m.pesa account and he could not locate any M.pesa agent on the nearby.

So when my dear friend asked on how he could help the wolf-in-sheep-skin-man, he offerred to sent him money through M.pesa with a bonus in exchange for hard cash. The damn stranger needed ksh.3000 from my friend and that he could sent him the same amount plus a bonus of ksh.500 making the total amount sent via m.pesa to be ksh.3500 in exchange for ksh.3000 cash money.

My friend offerred to afford ksh.1000 cash the amount which the stranger insisted that was so little and could not help him the way he needed. After heggling for a while, the strangers settled at accepting what he described as a drop of ink in an ocean but anyway it was a bird in hand. Right away, the phone number was given to the stranger who after some seconds of fitgetting with his phone, a new message was received on my friend's phone indicating that he had received ksh.1100 from the stranger who further requested him to confirm the m.pesa amount balance down the page which turned out to be as expected, (ksh.2100/-)

After getting satisfied by the transaction, my dear friend handed over the hard cash of  ksh.1000 to the stranger who thanked him very much and promised to buy him a present any time they would happen to meet again and also reminded him to take care after which he sped off.

It was after trying unsuccessfully for three times to send money amounted to kshs.1500 to his brother that he realized that he had been tricked by the smartly dressed conman to give out the cash in exchange for a fake edited m.pesa confirmation message.


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